Atelier / Workshop

COMISH – was founded by a group of friends in 1999. The name is a combination of the first letters of our names COrinne, MIchela and SHanti. From the initial group, only Shanti is left today.

Besides her, Simone has been an integral part of the current team for many years and Shanti’s father has been and still is, an invaluable support in setting the stones.

We kept the name COMISH, because it bears many nice memories and it has been a solid foundation on which we have been building since 1999.

When meeting my customers, it is very important for me to discuss the materials, the nature of the surface and the occasion for which the piece will be crafted for. I want all the pieces I create to be an individual match with the future owner and I want my customers to love wearing them.  

Shanti Sandmeyer 

Marcel Sandmeyer
Steinfasser & Heinzelmann

Simone Fischer
rechte Hand an Ausstellungen & guter Geist

Oekogold 2019

The preservation of nature is important to us, so we do not use precious metals that come directly from a mine. With the Oekogold label we guarantee to process only precious metals from recycling.