Wedding Rings / Partner Rings

With wedding rings I find it most important to create individual and unique pieces. We don’t necessarily need to create two exact same rings. It is rather the personality of those who will wear them that should be reflected in the rings. It is crucial that both partners can identify with their respective ring and don’t feel that they have to wear something that does not reflect their personality. We can always create a connecting element.

I also offer wedding rings for every budget – depending on budget there are various materials we can consider, silver or palladium, gold or platinum.

If the couple has been married for a very long time and the rings – back then very often slim rings – seem out of date, I am happy to create a new version of the old ring by incorporating the original one into a new piece. This way the ring continues to be worn. Most of the time we can even keep the engraving.

Same sex couples are just as welcome as straight ones.